Football Betting Types: A Beginner´s Guide to Getting Started

Fixed Odds Betting

Fixed odds betting is the primary football betting type most beginner bettors will consider. With fixed odds betting on football, you´ll be betting on the outcome of one or more football matches, with the odds provided by a bookmaker or online football betting site. This type of football betting is a simple process, with the bettor placing their stake on the match result they think is most likely to happen. When it comes to fixed odds football betting, the most popular market is the match result, known as 1X2. The 1X2 market is listed in bookmakers and betting sites as ´Home win´, ´Draw´ and ´Away win´. For example, if you bet £10 on Manchester City to win at home vs. Aston Villa, you will be shown the fixed odds for that particular match. If the odds are 2.30, your return would be £23. From there, you can add multiple selections together in accumulators, or simply stick with a single football bet.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap football betting is a popular alternative to fixed odds betting. This type of football betting is common with more experienced and professional bettors, as it offers a higher return potential than simple match result betting. With Asian handicap betting, you´re given a handicap of either a positive or negative amount of goals to the favorite team. This is designed to create a situation where teams are closer to equal when betting. So, if you were betting on a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the handicaps might be 0.5 or -0.5 to the favorite to level the playing field. From there, you can bet on the team with handicapping, with your bet either winning or at least given a draw if the outcome of a match equals the handicap.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a type of football betting that covers the outcome of various events within a football match. This betting type focuses far more on ´total goals´ and ´correct score´ rather than individual match result. With spread betting, you´re betting on whether there will be more or less goals than a set market provided by the bookmaker. For example, if the ´total goals to be scored´ comes in at 3.5, you´re betting on whether the actual total will be higher or lower than that figure. A correct score bet will involve you predicting the exact score of a football match, with increased odds available on the more obscure scores.

Specials and Novelty Betting

Specials and novelty football betting involves markets that usually focus on the statistical side of the game, as opposed to the results. These markets will include things such as a certain team winning with ´both teams to score´, ´total corners´ and ´player to score´, which is where you can predict if a certain player will find the back of the net during the match. Specials and novelty betting is generally more exciting than the normal match result betting types, as you´re more connected to the game and enjoy some level of result rather than a simple win or lose option. This type of football betting is great for when you want some higher variance and hopefully bigger returns.

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