Double the Fun: Understanding Football Double Chance Bets

Reasons for Choosing Double Chance Bets

Double chance betting is an incredibly popular type of football wager. It allows bettors to hedge their bets and put themselves in a better position to win some money. In many cases, a bettor can double their odds on a wager when they bet on a double chance bet. This makes it an attractive option for those who feel more comfortable covering more bases than just one.

Understanding How Double Chance Bets Work

The double chance market provides two possible outcomes from the wager; draw or either of the two teams´ wins. This implies that the bettor can choose one of the three outcomes, thereby hedging their bets. If the team chosen by the bettor wins, then the bet is considered a winner and the bettor is paid out the value of the stake, amounting to double the original payout. However, if the game ends in a draw, then the bettor is still awarded a partial payout, meaning they still manage to win despite the draw.

What is a Back-to-Lay Double Chance Bet?

Another type of double chance bet is the Back-to-Lay Double Chance bet. It is similar to the traditional “double chance” bet but allows for a bit more flexibility. With this type of bet, the bettor can gain some financial advantage when they take some responsibility in prediction.

The most successful way to use this technique is by ´laying´ the opposition team, which means through betting that they will fail to win the match. This lays the ground for a bettor to take advantage of the double chance betting, by laying the entire opposing team, making sure they are secure in the knowledge that at least they will take a portion of their stake back.

Large Stake Double Chance Betting In Play

When bettors decide to participate in large stake double chance betting, then they must be sure to pay close attention to all their currencies when placing bets in-play. This can be especially true if the market is in favor of one team against another, and a bettor needs to be adept at reading the entire market before playing in a large stake double chance bet. This more active approach allows the bettor to fully assess any mans and therefore make the most of their returns.


As one of the most common and popular betting markets, double chance betting offers bettors an exciting opportunity to come away with a bigger profit than they otherwise would. With this type of bet, the bettor gets the chance to cover more than one possibility in the same bet. This type of bet doesn´t just get you double returns, it also reduces the chances of you losing your money due to incorrect predictions.

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