How to Bet on Football with Handicap Betting

What is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a form of betting that allows a sportsbook to assign an advantage or disadvantage to one team or the other to balance the betting. Handicap betting is offered on American football, soccer, basketball, and hockey games. For instance, a -2 handicap given to Team X in a head-to-head game with Team Y means that Team X will start with 2 goals before any other in the game. In other words, if Team X won the game with a score of 2-0, the outright result would be a Handicap win for Team X (4-0).

In American football, handicap betting is mostly referred to as point spread betting. This is because the bookmaker will generally give the underdog a certain number of points when setting up the odds for the matchup. This gives both teams an equal chance of covering the spread and thus, an equal chance of winning the bet.

The Benefits of Handicap Betting

American football handicap betting can be an excellent way of finding value in any given football match. Bookmakers are typically very good at setting odds that reflect the relative merits of both teams. If you’re looking to gain an edge over the bookie, handicap betting presents the perfect opportunity.

Another benefit of American football handicap betting is that it can help you to stay in the game even when you’re on a losing streak. No matter how successful or unsuccessful your run of form, the additional point-spread gives you a cushion that allows you to remain open to new selections.

How to Place an American Football Handicap Bet

Placing an American football handicap bet is basically the same process as any standard football wager. The principle difference is found in the structure of the handicap odds which you’ll need to understand if you’re going to pick a winner.

Once you’ve decided which match to place a handicap bet on, it’s important to know how to express your bet. Point Spread betting is usually the most popular and is listed at most American sportsbooks. For example, if the Giants are the favourites, they may be listed at -2.5 points. That means they will need to win by 3 points or more in order for the bet to be a winner.

The Best American Football Handicap Bets

The best handicap bets are those wagers which present you with the greatest possible value for your outlay. With American football handicap betting, the best strategy is often to wait for the market to settle down and then look for any patterns in the handicap odds.

American football handicap betting can also be a great way to play an accumulator bet. By applying handicap bets to multiple games or markets, the odds of a successful bet increase significantly as you spread out the risk across the entire bet. In many cases, the cumulative value of each individual handicap bet often exceeds the outright return that you would otherwise receive from a single market.

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