Is Stake banned in France?, a leading online platform for sports betting and casino gaming, has gained popularity for its cryptocurrency-based operations. However, its availability in France has been a subject of regulatory considerations. This article explores the status of in France and the implications of French gambling regulations.’s Global Presence has established a substantial user base worldwide, known for its wide range of betting options and casino games. It primarily uses cryptocurrencies, appealing to a modern audience looking for digital currency options in online gaming.

The French Online Gambling Landscape

  • Regulated Market: France has a regulated online gambling market, overseen by Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ).
  • Licensing Requirements: For any online gambling platform to legally operate in France, obtaining a license from ANJ is mandatory.
  • Focus on Consumer Protection: The regulations in France emphasize consumer protection, fair play, and prevention of gambling addiction.’s Status in France

  • Lack of ANJ License: As of the latest information, does not hold a license from ANJ, which is a prerequisite for operating legally in France.
  • Implications for French Users: This means that cannot legally offer its services to residents in France. French users attempting to access the site may find it restricted.

Understanding the Restrictions

  • Compliance with Local Laws: Online gambling platforms must comply with the laws of each country they operate in.’s absence in the French market is a compliance with these local regulations.
  • Use of Cryptocurrencies: The use of cryptocurrencies in gambling adds another layer of complexity in regulatory terms, which might be a factor in its availability in certain regions, including France.

The Future of Online Gambling in France

  • Evolving Regulations: The online gambling landscape is continually evolving, with changes in regulations and technological advancements.
  • Potential for Future Availability: Should pursue and obtain a license from ANJ, it could potentially enter the French market legally in the future.


As of now, is not available in France due to the absence of a necessary regulatory license from ANJ. This situation reflects the strict and regulated nature of the French online gambling market. For French residents interested in online gambling, it’s crucial to use platforms that are compliant with ANJ’s regulations to ensure legal and secure gaming experiences.’s availability in France could change if the platform decides to align with the regulatory requirements in the future. For the most current information, users should refer to official announcements or consult ANJ’s resources.

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