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In this section you will find the best bets for combinations of football matches. Here we just choose two or more matches and offer them to a combined bet. The football combo bet is a very simple bet – we choose teams that we think will win the match and put them in a combined bet. To win the bet, all the selected teams must win their matches. Some bookmakers offer a refund for your bet if one of the combinations in your datasheet is not profitable, so this can alleviate your pain at a losing bet on the FOOTBALL TOP COMBO.
What are the advantages of FOOTBALL TOP COMBO?
The main advantages of a winning column with soccer matches is that you have a very small amount of money to win big profits. For example, if you have $ 10-20 a week, you can make a few combined $ 2-3 betting a day and play for fairly large profits. That’s why FOOTBALL TOP COMBO is so popular, if you have less money available, then you can again win big money.
There are a lot of strategies that are useful in looking for good bets for the FOOTBALL TOP COMBO and at the same time they are successful. We prefer to look for teams that have a good shape as hosts and have a real chance to win, and have good odds. Alternatively, we sometimes choose good soccer bets for our soccer combo with teams that play away from home for better odds, such as when Manchester City is visiting Swansea or Barcelona is Leganes guest. We offer a great variety of tips for combinations of football matches and every day you can use our bets to win. It depends entirely on where you place your bets, as we offer leading markets for the football matches that are found in every online bookmaker.


In this section you will receive the best Over/Under bets on football matches. To bet on goals, it is necessary to conduct deep research and analysis of each football match. This is the only way to judge the best bet for the day. Of course, our analyst team does that every day. We carefully approach the selection of bets in each section and try to provide you with the best gameplay.
Over/Under betting key factors:
There are a number of important factors to be taken into account when betting over 2.5 goals or another.
– goals scored by host team – When counting for goals, it is very good to look at the form of the home team in the match and how many goals scored on average on a match on their own field. You can not bet on a team that has 3 goals scored in the last 5 home games and expect a winning bet over.
– goals scored by a team-mate – Also important in over/under betting and guests score often. It is best for the visiting team to have on average one goal scored per game in their visits, and if the goals are more, that is even better. You can not count on a poorly efficient team as a guest, as the host can win for example 2-0 and the match will be under.
– Lack of leading players – With over bets in the match, it is advisable not to have missing leading players in both teams. This can interfere with the outcome of the game and hits a few goals, which will prevent a successful predictions.
These three factors in football matches are the most important in betting over 2.5 goals and our analysts take them into account by preparing the over/under goals combo predictions in this section.


Single bet is probably the most popular bet on football matches. You can make a single bet on any sport – it’s a bet from just one selection. Two or more selections make a combined bet and require you to know both to win. Here, however, we will only give you single bets where you can double your money. On a single you can bet on every sport, including football. While some bets are forbidden for a combination, there is no problem playing them as a single.
In this section, FOOTBALL TOP SINGLE will aim to choose the best single bets on football matches every day. Most often we will offer single bets at the final outcome – 1X2. For example, if a given match for today is a 1, you should not combine it with anything else and simply run it for the host. We have judged that this is a great choice for a single bet with a good odds and the chance to come out is very big.
How do we choose what single bet to give?
We do research at every football match and carefully analyze the match by taking into account all match markets and odds. We make an expert judgment on which option is best to play a single bet on a game. Of course, the odds are of great importance, since it is not possible to play a single at 1.10 or 1.20 odds. With four winnings and one loss of one single, the players will not make a profit. The best single bets are between 1.80 and 1.90, so you can be sure that we will offer you exactly such meetings. There is always the possibility that our FOOTBALL TOP SINGLE will not be successful, but you have to be aware that the next day you will win and you will regain your losses.

The VIP BET section has selected the best predictions for the day that our team has offer. As the VIP BET name shows, here you can get the most successful football predictions and win more. The selection of predictions in this section is done very carefully and only one match of the highest value is selected. The odds in the VIP BET prediction are not low, so with 2-3 winning predictions you can make good profits.
VIP BET is for people who know well what they want in sports betting. To earn more, you need the best predictions,and you can find it in this section on VIP BET – it’s hard to predict the safest match of the day, but we have extensive experience in betting on football and other sports, so we’ll give you the best bets. All predictions in this section can be bet on online bookmakers available in your country. FOOTBALL VIP BET guarantee you will have bigger profits but in the long run. You can not win with 2-3 tips and you get rich in sports betting for a week. You have to bet for at least a month our VIP BET predictions and then you’ll see that it’s really worthwhile to trust us.