In this section you will receive the best Over/Under bets on football matches. To bet on goals, it is necessary to conduct deep research and analysis of each football match. This is the only way to judge the best bet for the day. Of course, our analyst team does that every day. We carefully approach the selection of bets in each section and try to provide you with the best gameplay.

Over/Under betting key factors:
There are a number of important factors to be taken into account when betting over 2.5 goals or another.
– goals scored by host team – When counting for goals, it is very good to look at the form of the home team in the match and how many goals scored on average on a match on their own field. You can not bet on a team that has 3 goals scored in the last 5 home games and expect a winning bet over.

– goals scored by a team-mate – Also important in over/under betting and guests score often. It is best for the visiting team to have on average one goal scored per game in their visits, and if the goals are more, that is even better. You can not count on a poorly efficient team as a guest, as the host can win for example 2-0 and the match will be under.

– Lack of leading players – With over bets in the match, it is advisable not to have missing leading players in both teams. This can interfere with the outcome of the game and hits a few goals, which will prevent a successful predictions.

These three factors in football matches are the most important in betting over 2.5 goals and our analysts take them into account by preparing the over/under goals combo predictions in this section.