Understanding Football Odds: A Bettor´s Primer

Understanding Football Odds: A Bettor’s Primer

Football wagering is one of the most exciting forms of betting, and to help you get the most out of your football bets, understanding football odds is key. This primer will cover what football odds are, how they are determined, and the different types of football odds that are available. So, if you’re looking to get in on the action, read on for a comprehensive explanation of football betting.

What are Football Odds?

Football odds are used to denote the likelihood of certain results in a football game or event. Simplistically, the lower the odds, the higher the chance of an outcome occurring. The odds refer to the probability of a certain outcome occurring, such as the chances of a team winning a game, over a given time period. Generally, the higher the odds, the lower the likelihood of the outcome actually happening.

The football odds are determined by what is known as an implied probability. This is the expected probability of a certain outcome occurring, based on research carried out by the bookmaker. This information is then combined with the bookmaker’s opinion as to the likelihood of a certain outcome occurring, and the football odds are calculated accordingly.

Types of Football Odds

Football betting has become a popular pastime for many bettors due to the range of different football odds available. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common types of football odds:

  • Moneyline: This is the simplest type of football bet, and is a bet on which team will win. Moneyline odds are expressed in terms of a certain amount for each dollar wagered, so the bigger the odds, the bigger the implied probability of winning for the team.
  • Point Spread: In this type of football bet, the favorite team is given a particular amount of points to start with, while the underdog team starts with a negative amount of points. The idea is for the favorite team to win by more than the given amount of points in order for the bettor to win, while the underdog team must stay within the given amount of points in order to win.
  • Totals: This type of football bet is also commonly referred to as a ‘over/under’. This bet is placed on the total points scored in a football game, either by teams or individual players. This football bet type is not dependent on which team wins. Instead, you are betting on the total number of points that will be scored in the game or by an individual player.
  • Prop bets: This type of football bet is also referred to as a ‘special’. This type of bet involves betting on a certain outcome in a football game, such as which team will score first, or which two teams will be tied at half time. Prop bets are often much harder to predict, but they can also be very lucrative.

Parlays and Teasers

Parlays are bets in which the bettor is wagering on multiple outcomes. This type of bet combines several different types of sports bets into one. For example, a parlay may include betting on the teams involved in a football match, as well as the over/under on the total points scored.

Teasers are a special type of parlay in which the bettor adjusts the original point spreads in order to improve their odds of hitting on the bet. By adjusting the point spreads, the bettor will increase their chances of hitting on their wager, but the payout will then be lower than it would be with a standard point spread wager.


Football betting is an exciting way to get in on the action and experience the thrill of the game. For those who are new to football betting, understanding football odds is essential in order to make an informed wager. In this primer, we’ve explained what football odds are, how they are determined, and the different types of football bets available. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll now be able to more confidently get in on the action and place more informed football wagers.

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