Volkanovski vs Topuria UFC 298: A Double Winnings Spectacle

As the UFC calendar rolls into the heart of 2024, fans are bracing for what promises to be an electrifying encounter at UFC 298. The main event featuring Alex Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria is not just a testament to the fighters’ exceptional skill and determination but also a golden opportunity for bettors, thanks to an exciting promotion by Stake.com.


The Buildup

The anticipation for the Volkanovski vs. Topuria fight has been building to a crescendo, with both fighters renowned for their relentless tenacity and superb technical skills. This matchup is more than just a fight; it’s a clash of titans, each with their own legion of fans and a track record of leaving everything in the octagon. As February 18, 2024, approaches, the global fight audience is on the edge of their seats, eager to witness this high-stakes bout.

The Stake.com Double Winnings Offer

Adding an extra layer of excitement to this already highly anticipated matchup, Stake.com is offering bettors the chance to double their winnings up to $100 if either Volkanovski or Topuria secures a victory through KO, TKO, or submission in the first or second round. This promotion, running from February 7, 2024, to February 19, 2024, is designed to make an already thrilling event even more rewarding.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligibility requires pre-match, single bets on either fighter in the Winner market.
  • The promotion applies to the first bet per match, per customer, per household.
  • Bets must be placed before the scheduled start of the fight as indicated on Stake.com.
  • Qualifying for double winnings requires the chosen fighter to win by Knockout, Technical Knockout, or Submission in Rounds 1 or 2.
  • The minimum stake is set at $5, with maximum additional winnings capped at $100.
  • Cashed out or voided bets will not qualify.
  • Stake reserves the right to disqualify any user due to promotion or account abuse, with potential permanent bans for severe infractions.
  • Winnings will be credited within 48 hours post-fight.
  • The offer is exclusive to Stake.com users.

How to Get Double Winnings on UFC 298: Volkanovski vs Topuria Fight on Stake

Getting double winnings on the UFC 298 main event between Alex Volkanovski and Ilia Topuria is an exciting opportunity for both new and existing Stake.com users. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to participate, starting with creating a new account on Stake.com:

Step 1: Create a New Account on Stake.com

  1. Visit Stake.com: Open your web browser and go to Stake.com.
  2. Sign Up: Click on the “Sign Up” button usually located at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter Your Details: Fill in the required fields with your information, such as email address, username, and password.
  4. Verify Your Account: Complete any necessary email or phone verification steps as prompted to ensure your account is secure and ready to use.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

  1. Log In: If you’re not already logged in, enter your username and password to access your account.
  2. Navigate to Deposit: Find the “Wallet” or “Deposit” section on the dashboard.
  3. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred deposit method. Stake.com typically offers a variety of options, including cryptocurrencies.
  4. Deposit: Follow the instructions to deposit funds into your account. Remember, the minimum stake for the double winnings offer is $5.

Step 3: Place Your Bet

  1. Find UFC 298 Odds: From the main menu, navigate to the sports betting section, then find the UFC/MMA category. Look for the UFC 298 event.
  2. Select the Fight: Click on the Volkanovski vs Topuria fight.
  3. Choose Your Bet: For the double winnings promotion, select a pre-match, single bet on either fighter in the Winner market.
  4. Place Your Bet: Enter your stake amount (at least $5) and confirm your bet. Make sure your bet is placed before the fight starts as indicated on Stake.com.

Step 4: Watch the Fight and Win Double

  • Enjoy the Fight: Watch the Volkanovski vs Topuria match live. If your chosen fighter wins by KO, TKO, or submission in Rounds 1 or 2, you qualify for double winnings.
  • Check Your Account: If you win, allow up to 48 hours for the additional winnings to be credited to your account as per the promotion’s terms and conditions.

Step 5: Follow Terms and Conditions

  • Ensure you comply with all the promotion’s terms and conditions to avoid disqualification. This includes the rule that no cashed-out or voided bets will be eligible for the double winnings.

By following these steps, you can enhance your UFC 298 viewing experience with the chance to double your winnings on the exhilarating Volkanovski vs Topuria fight, courtesy of Stake.com. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the thrill of the fight!

The Night’s Full Slate

UFC 298 is not just about Volkanovski vs. Topuria; the event is packed with compelling fights across various weight classes. Starting at midnight, fans will be treated to a lineup of intense matchups, including notable fighters like Robert Whittaker, Paulo Henrique Costa, Mackenzie Dern, and many more, each promising to deliver performances that could define their careers.

In Conclusion

UFC 298 is shaping up to be a landmark event in the world of mixed martial arts, with the Volkanovski vs. Topuria fight at its pinnacle. Whether you’re a fight fan, a casual viewer, or a bettor looking for an exciting opportunity, this event has something for everyone. With the added incentive of Stake.com’s double winnings offer, the stakes have never been higher. As the fight night approaches, the excitement continues to build for what could be one of the most memorable nights in UFC history.


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